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Work distraction-free with Dobby, your email-only task assistant

  • No website to use
  • No app to install
  • Works with any email address
  • Manage your tasks and emails in one place
To start, send an email to

How it works


Add tasks

Send Dobby an email when you think of something you need to do.


Get your agenda

Every morning, you'll automatically get an email with your to-do list for the day


Reply, and you're done

Simply reply to the email to mark tasks complete, postpone tasks, etc

Subscribers only

Get unlimited tasks and a daily weather report

$11/month, paid annually


All features

The only way to interact with Dobby is by emailing

Dobby will reply if it doesn't understand something. If you don't get a reply, you can assume Dobby understood your message.

When responding to Dobby, reply directly to the email.

Sign up

Just send any email to You'll get instructions in your inbox in a minute or so.

Pick up the milk

Add tasks

You'll get reminded of this task the next day

Send your task to Dobby as text

Pick up the milk

Add a task for later

Will not appear in your agenda until the date you set

Put parentheses around dates in new tasks.

Check the PO box (Monday)

Complete a task

Reply to a task with one of:

  • Done
  • Complete
2. Done

Cancel a task

Reply to a task with one of:

  • Cancel
  • Delete
  • Remove
2. Cancel

Postpone a task

Will not appear in your agenda until a date you set

Reply to a task with a date:

2. March 15

You can also use dates like this:

  • Tomorrow
  • Saturday
  • Next Tuesday
2. Tomorrow

Or, reply with one of these to postpone for one week:

  • Later
  • Delay
  • Postpone
2. Later

If you don't repond to a task, Dobby will remind you again tomorrow.

Rename a task

Reply to a task with "Rename", then and the new name in quotes.

2. Rename "Pick up milk"

Set your location

Used for weather forecast (see below).

Start with "Dobby" and type the word "location" along with your location in quotes.

Dobby, set location to "Ann Arbor, MI"

Turn on weather Subscribers only

Add a local weather forecast to your daily emails. Powered by Dark Sky.

Start with "Dobby", and say "on" and "weather".

This won't work unless you set your location (see above)

Dobby, turn on the weather

Turn off weather

Start with "Dobby", and say "off" and "weather".

Dobby, turn off the weather

See all tasks

See a list of all upcoming tasks, including future tasks

Start with "Dobby" and say "summary".

Dobby, send me a summary

Pause emails

Start with "Dobby", and say "emails" and "off".

Dobby, turn emails off

Resume emails

Start with "Dobby" and say "turn emails on" or "turn on emails".

Dobby, turn emails on


To keep your credit card information safe, you can't subscribe to Dobby directly with email.

Purchasing Dobby online is coming soon—for now, please email me directly and I'll find a time to take your card information securly over the phone. Please DO NOT include your card number via email!


Start with "Dobby" and say "unsubscribe".

Your subscription will end when the current billing period is over.

Dobby, unsubscribe

Get help

Having trouble? Email